The Best Back-To-School Sales You Can Already Shop (In July!)

Back-to-school sales have already started for 2021, so you can shop + save now on clothes, backpacks, dorm & school supplies—then enjoy the rest of summer.

Celeb Chef Brings Healthy Meals + Human Connection To The Houseless

Chef Nicole Derseweh started The Martha Project in 2019 to feed plant-based meals in eco-friendly packaging to the houseless community of Los Angeles.

Meet The Chef Whose Nonprofit Provides Healthy Meals + Human Connection To LA's Houseless Community

More than just serving meals, The Martha Project is about "restoring dignity through human connection," founder + chef Nicole Derseweh explains.

Tommy DiDario Styles Man Who Went Viral Offering To Do Odd Jobs In Exchange For Work Shoes

When he couldn't afford businesswear for a new job, Jamal offered to do odd jobs in exchange for dress shoes + belts. Now, Tommy DiDario is hooking him up.

Fall Coats Under $150 That We Want From Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to cardmembers today! Shop fall coats under $150 or add them to your wishlist for when the sale opens to the public.

This Incredible 15-Year-Old Baker Is Fighting Child Food Insecurity From His Home Kitchen

Teen Michael Platt, owner of Michaels Desserts + founder of the non-profit P.L.L.A.T.E., is using his love of baking to help fight child food insecurity.

You Know What's Better Than a Pool? A Sprinkler—Shaped Like a Unicorn!

The 6-foot, pastel-accented unicorn sprinkler shoots water out of her HORN!

Rachael's Favorite Restaurants + Things To Do In The Adirondacks

Rachael grew up in the Adirondacks and has a home there with John now. She shares her favorite upstate NY restaurants and things to do in Lake George.

Rachael's Favorite Restaurants + Things To Do In The Adirondacks | Q & Ray + J

If anyone knows the Adirondacks, it's Rach. Get her Lake George restaurant recommendations + more.

Man Who Was Shot Saving Stranger's Life Starts Organization Devoted To Helping End Cycle of Violence

"I realized that there were two stories here—not just mine, but the story of the attacker," Strong City co-founder Peter Gold says.

Football Player Paralyzed Making a Tackle On What He Said To Himself Post-Injury To Stay Positive

Former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand was paralyzed 10 years ago making a tackle. He shares his story + how he's working to help find a cure.

4 Money-Saving Apps Recommended By a Certified Financial Planner

Certified financial planner Alexa von Tobel suggests 4 apps to help pay off debt + save money on online shopping, subscriptions + virtual fitness classes.

8 of The Best July 4th Mattress Sales You Can Shop Now

Shop these July 4th mattress sales + more for major savings on mattresses, pillows, sheets and more bedding essentials.

25+ Of The Best July 4th Sales On Furniture, Cookware, Beauty + More

When we're not celebrating July 4th with a BBQ feast, we'll be busy shopping these 4th of July deals on furniture, Rach's cookware, fashion, beauty + more.