Rachael's Must-Have Kitchen Tools

You can't go wrong with these Rachael-approved kitchen essentials and gadgets—as a gift or for yourself.

The Must-Have Kitchen Tools Rachael Swears By

Rachael shares her favorite kitchen tools—some of which she created herself, because no one knows what a cook needs in the kitchen more than Rach.

This Is How Rach Grates Whole Nutmeg (It's Super Easy!)

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Garlic on the Menu? We Put This Odor-Absorbing Screen to the Test!

Our friend, Chef Jeff Mauro and his wife, Sarah, put this odor-absorbing splatter screen to the test for us in their home kitchen—here's how it went.

How To Substitute Fresh Herbs For Dried — and Vice Versa

Rachael breaks down the dried herbs equivalent to one tablespoon of fresh herbs.

Fresh Thyme Is Worth the Time! Just Follow Rach's Tips

Rachael answers one of our viewer's burning questions: Is there any way to make pulling thyme easier? (Spoiler: Yes! Just follow Rach's tips.)

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Rachael Shares Her Best Tips for Working with Fresh Thyme

Our viewer asked Rach for some hot tips for working with fresh thyme—which, yes, can be a little tedious! Thankfully, Rach delivered.

According to Rachael, THIS Is How Long Opened Tomato Paste Lasts in the Fridge

One of our viewers asked Rachael just how long an opened tube of tomato paste lasts in the fridge, and this is what she said.

Bay Leaves Can Spice Up Your Food, Drinks AND Home, Rach Says

Rachael explains why she loves bay leaves and how to use them in food, drinks + your home.

What Can You Use Bay Leaves For? Rachael Answers!

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Chef Jeff Mauro Tries An Odor-Absorbing Splatter Screen (No More Garlic Smell?!)

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Secrets to Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck as Meat Prices Climb

With rising meat prices, the key to a budget-friendly beef dinner is knowing which cuts to shop for now + how best to cook them, butcher Ray Venezia says.