Therapy Golden Retriever Has the CUTEST "Taste Testing" Skill & the Viral Videos to Prove It

After tasting each of the two foods that owner Kevin puts in front of her, therapy dog Ellie chooses the one she likes most to eat. Aw!

Therapy Golden Retriever "Taste Tests" Foods in Viral TikTok Videos

Former Army pilot Kevin shows off his therapy dog Ellie and her "taste testing" abilities on his TikTok @goldenretrieverlife—and it's cuteness overload.

These Sweet Dogs Have Been Helping Children Who've Had a Hard Time Coping Emotionally During COVID

North Shore Animal League America's Mutt-i-grees Curriculum pairs students with dogs to help them deal with social + emotional issues.

Lou the Dog Has the Longest Ears of Any Living Pup + We Can't Get Enough!

Lou the dog from Oregon just won the Guinness World Record for having the longest ears of any living dog and our hearts can't take it!

This Adorable Pup Has 13-Inch (!!) Ears + We Can't Get Enough

Oregon's lady Lou made the Guinness World Record with her amazingly long ears—taking over the title from her great-grand-uncle!

Rob Lowe Missed His Canine Co-star From "Dog Gone" So Much, He Immediately Adopted His Own Dog

Actor Rob Lowe Zoomed into our studio to talk about his Netflix film, "Dog Gone," and the pup (Daisy!) it inspired him to adopt.

Animal Rescue Program Founder Gets Emotional News After Tragedy

Purpose Farm pairs rescue animals with struggling kids free of charge. Founder Sandra Seabrook shares how they're moving on after a fire at the farm.

Emotional Surprise For Founder of Animal Rescue Non-Profit That Suffered Tragic Fire

Two months after the Purpose Farm fire in upstate New York, Sandra Seabrook continues to bring rescue animals and the children who need them together.

Rach Joins Virtual Cuddle Event Encouraging Senior Dog Adoption

In February, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue waived adoption fees for adopters 50 and up + Nutrish sponsored pre-adoption wellness exams.

Rachael Shares Update On Muttville Senior Dog Rescue + February Adoption Initiative With Nutrish

For the entire month of February, all of the senior dogs adopted by people 50 years and over have the adoption fee waived at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Tim Tebow Gushes About The 3 Puppies He Got After Losing His Beloved Dog Bronco

Tim Tebow tells Rach all about welcoming 3 puppies—Paris, Kobe and Chunk—into the family after losing his beloved dog Bronco in late 2019.

Rachael's Puppy Bella Boo Blue's 6-Month-Old Update! See How Big She's Gotten + Meet Her Trainer

"At just under 6 months old, she's already about 50 pounds—look at those reindeer hooves!" Rachael says about her adopted puppy Bella Boo Blue.

Remember When 50 Puppies Stormed The Stage in Honor of Rach's 50th Birthday?!

When our boss lady turned 50, we knew there was only one way to toast her — with MANY furry friends!

Good News Movement Wants To Bring More Joy To Your Instagram Feed

The Good News Movement Instagram account, run by CNN journalist Michelle Figueroa, shares stories of kindness + hope from real people around the world.