How to Make Smoked Brisket and Burnt Ends | 5-Time World BBQ Champion Myron Mixon

Watch five-time world barbecue champion Myron Mixon show you how to make his famous smoked sliced brisket + crusty burnt ends.

Smoked Brisket + Burnt Ends from a 5-Time World BBQ Champion!

5-time world barbecue champion Myron Mixon shares his tried-and-true smoked brisket + burnt ends (plus a tip on how to make them on a charcoal grill).

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Operation BBQ Relief Has Provided Over 10.5M Meals to Those in Need After Disasters

11 years ago, a group of BBQ pitmasters helped to feed those in need after tornadoes hit Joplin, MO—and now, they've started a movement feeding millions.

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