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Chef Bobby Flay makes a seared scallop appetizer that he's been making at his restaurants for over 30 years.

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Bobby Flay shares his recipe for a classic Italian pasta—bucatini all'Amatriciana—made with good ol' American bacon.

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Milk Punch With Coffee | Bobby Flay

Milk punch is a creamy cocktail spiked with bourbon + vanilla—and Chef Bobby Flay likes his frozen + with coffee.

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Spaghetti squash is a healthy stand-in for pasta in this gluten-free version of shrimp scampi from Bobby Flay.

Bobby Flay's Smoky Pomegranate Cocktail

Bobby Flay finishes this pomegranate-tequila cocktail with a splash of smoky mezcal.

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Celebrity chef Bobby Flay combines a roasted eggplant-based sauce with eggs for a hearty vegetarian brunch.

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Mystery Taster Bobby Flay Surprises Rachael In Our 2015 Season 10 Premiere

For our season 10 premiere in 2015, we brought "King of Burgers" Bobby Flay to surprise Rach, the "Queen of Burgers."