Cameron Diaz on Embracing Aging and Her New Book

Actress and author Cameron Diaz just came out with her second book, 'The Longevity Book.'

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Cameron Diaz Talks About Her New Book 'Longevity'

Cameron Diaz addresses aging in her new book, 'Longevity.'

Can Embracing Aging Help you Age Better?

Cameron Diaz on her new book 'Longevity' and the impact of a positive mindset when it comes to aging.

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Cameron Diaz' New Book

Cameron Diaz is back in the studio chatting with Rach!

Cameron Diaz' Holiday Plans

Cameron Diaz is back in the studio chatting with Rach!

Cameron Diaz Play 'Pop The Question'

Cameron Diaz is back in the studio, and this time she's playing a round of 'Pop The Question'!

Cameron Diaz's Eye-Opening Body Secrets

Cameron Diaz wants to show you how to love your body, but that's not about trying to look like a Hollywood star.

Cameron Diaz' Body Book

Cameron Diaz' Body Book