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Go Thai With Your Pumpkin Pie This Thanksgiving

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Indian-Style Crock Pot Curry

Indian-Style Crock Pot Curry

One of Rach's Favorite Meatless Meals: Carrot + Butternut Curry

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How To Make Quick Beef or Chicken Curry with Ginger and Leeks | Rachael Ray

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How To Make Japanese Curry Ramen | Rachael Ray

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Rach Makes John's Favorite: Japanese Curry Ramen Bowls

These ramen bowls come with a warning from Rach: "Don't freak out!" Adjust add-ins to taste, as this recipe is way easier and faster than it looks.

Rach's Chicken + Apple Curry with Almond Rice Pilaf, Mint-Chili Raita + Naan

Rach's been riffing on her mom's chicken-apple curry for over 20 years. This version comes with almond rice pilaf + mint-chili raita.

How To Make Chicken + Apple Curry with Almond Rice Pilaf, Mint-Chili Raita + Naan | Rachael Ray

Watch Rachael make an Indian-inspired dish starring chicken apple curry.

Easy Canned Chickpea Recipe: Rach's Chickpea Curry

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