Coach Rob Mendez, Football Coach Born Without Limbs, Tells His Incredible Story In New Book

The inspirational football Coach Rob Mendez not only has a new book, "Who Says I Can't," but a new foundation, too—and we couldn't wait to support it!

​Jessica Alba Surprises Beauty 2 the Streetz Founder Who Makes LA's Homeless Look + Feel Beautiful

Actress and Honest Co. founder Jessica Alba surprises an inspiring woman helping L.A.'s homeless population feel beautiful, with a generous gift.

Meet the Woman Dedicated to Making LA's Homeless Look + Feel Beautiful

Beauty 2 the Streetz's founder Shirley Raines says, "Your words are so kind, but I think what I do should very well be normalized."

Celeb Chef Brings Healthy Meals + Human Connection To The Houseless

Chef Nicole Derseweh started The Martha Project in 2019 to feed plant-based meals in eco-friendly packaging to the houseless community of Los Angeles.

Meet The Chef Whose Nonprofit Provides Healthy Meals + Human Connection To LA's Houseless Community

More than just serving meals, The Martha Project is about "restoring dignity through human connection," founder + chef Nicole Derseweh explains.

Viral Video of Man Dancing Joyfully in The Snow After Getting His Covid Vaccine Will Make Your Day

Bhangra dancer Gurdeep Pandher shares the story behind his latest viral dance video, filmed in the snowy Yukon after he got his Covid vaccine in March.

Animal Rescue Program Founder Gets Emotional News After Tragedy

Purpose Farm pairs rescue animals with struggling kids free of charge. Founder Sandra Seabrook shares how they're moving on after a fire at the farm.

Emotional Surprise For Founder of Animal Rescue Non-Profit That Suffered Tragic Fire

Two months after the Purpose Farm fire in upstate New York, Sandra Seabrook continues to bring rescue animals and the children who need them together.

This Man Uses Drones To Rescue Animals Around The World

Douglas Thron uses infrared drones to rescue animals amid disasters around the world—and he adopted the very first one he found when Hurricane Dorian hit.

Cinematographer Uses Drones To Rescue Animals Around The World | Douglas Thron | Doug To The Rescue

Meet Douglas Thron from California, an animal lover who uses infrared drones to rescue animals around the world.

We Celebrate a Teacher Who Makes Every One of Her Students a Personalized Birthday Cake

While some people have donated cake stands, cake boxes or cake rounds, for the most part Laurie puts in her own money for the cakes.

This Teacher Has Baked 200+ Personalized Cakes For Students' Birthdays

At the beginning of the school year, Laurie gives each student a notecard to write down their birthday and their cake request.

Teacher Helps Feed 150+ Hungry Students On Weekends + During Pandemic

Rebecca saw food insecurity in her school + reached out to community resources for help. Now, she gets meals to 150+ students & their families each week.