Marc Murphy’s Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Sometimes a simple side can be the best dish at the table.

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A Doctor-Approved Risotto That's Good for the Body AND the Brain!

Rachael's Dr. Li-approved risotto is packed with brain-boosting ingredients, including porcini + spinach.

How to Make Rachael's Porcini and Greens Risotto | Dr. Will Li

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Healthy Breakfast To Go: Green Frittata Bites

"Top Chef" Ryan Scott shares an easy, healthy breakfast recipe: cheesy frittata bites packed with good-for-you greens.

How To Make Wilted Garlicky Greens | Rachael Ray

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Make-Ahead Brunch Idea: Rach's Swiss Chard Strata

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Top Breast Cancer Surgeon Shares Disease-Fighting Antioxidant Smoothie

Top breast cancer surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk's daily smoothie recipe is an antioxidant-packed blend of berries, spinach, matcha, flaxseeds, aloe + spices.

Disease-Fighting Antioxidant Smoothie | Morning Routine To Improve Breast Health | Dr. Kristi Funk

"I capture the mornings to do two things that I know will set me and my family up for success," Dr. Kristi Funk says, including drinking this smoothie.

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