Viewer Gets Incredible "Re" Makeover—Back on Show After 9 Years

Viewer and mom Shannon got a makeover on our show 9 years ago. Now, she's back for another!

Viewer Comes Back for 2nd Hair Chop 9 Years Later

Shannon, a viewer and mom who got a makeover on our show 9 years ago, returns for another hair chop—and this reveal is just as good as the first one.

23-Year-Old Entering New Life Chapter Gets Surprise Message From Scarlett Johansson

Remarkable 23-year old Lauren is entering a new chapter of her life, so Tommy DiDario + Rach help by giving her 2 surprises along with a stunning makeover.

23-Year-Old Woman Who Beat Cancer Gets Makeover of Her Dreams

23-year-old who beat cancer named Lauren gets the makeover of her dreams from lifestyle expert Tommy DiDario.

21-Year-Old Finds Confidence in Completely Shaving Head Post-Hair Loss

3 years ago, Eddie shaved his hair to reinvent himself—but it didn't grow back. Now, he's reclaiming his confidence and shaving his head again...for good.

21-Year-Old Man Finds Confidence in Completely Shaving Head Post-Hair Loss

After experiencing male pattern baldness, which affected his confidence, Eddie gets a complete hair makeover from YouTuber Harry James from Bald Cafe.

Mom + Daughter Who Lost 250 Lbs Get Stunning Wardrobe Makeover

Patricia and her daughter, Deonna, have collectively lost 250 pounds over 2 years. All they need now are some new clothes!

Meet East Coast Mom-Daughter Duo Who Lost 250 Lbs. + See Their Stunning Makeovers

Patricia and Deonna kicked 250 pounds to the curb. But what to do about clothes? That's where Amy E. Goodman comes in.

This Frontline Nurse's Makeover May Be One of Our Most Emotional

Stacy London helps surgical nurse and mom of 2 Donna feel beautiful after menopause takes a huge hit on her self-esteem.

Makeover for Frontline Nurse Going Through Menopause May Be One of Our Most Emotional

Stacy London works with frontline nurse Donna, who's been going through menopause for 5 years, to help her feel beautiful—both inside and out.

Wife Barely Recognizes Husband After First Haircut + Shave in 24 Years

Viewer Nicole nominated her husband—who hasn't cut his hair in 24 years + is often called "Santa Claus"—for a makeover. And the results are unbelievable.

Wife Barely Recognizes Her Husband After Dramatic Makeover: I Feel Like I'm Cheating!

Lifestyle expert Tommy DiDario & hairstylist Erica Fleischman to the rescue—giving this husband a transformational haircut + makeover.

How to Style a Long Cardigan 3 Ways

Lifestyle and fashion expert Lawrence Zarian helps a viewer style a long cardigan 3 different, super stylish ways.

Dramatic Makeover for This Husband Who Hasn't Cut His Hair in 18 Years

Our viewer Tiffany gets some help from an OG member of "Queer Eye's" Fab Five, Carson Kressley, to make over her husband—starting with a massive hair chop.