How to Make John's Halloween Munster-Tini Cocktail | John Cusimano

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Rach Calls John's Halloween-Themed Drink "One of His Best!"

John shares his Halloween-themed green "monster" take on a martini that Rach calls "one of his best" cocktails!

Kick Off Friday With John's "Herby and Delicious" Rosemary Martini

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How to Make a Rosemary-Tini Cocktail | John Cusimano

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What Do You Get When You Cross a Negroni + a Martini? A Negronatini!

Rach's husband, John, stirs up a Negroni-martini combo flavored with Green Chartreuse and cherry liqueur and topped with green olives.

You Can't Beat a Classic Martini (Stirred, Never Shaken!)

Rachael's husband, John, stirs up a classic martini, which is heavy on the vermouth and includes orange bitters for a citrusy flavor and brightness.

How to Make a Classic Martini | John Cusimano

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John Cusimano's Pre-Prohibition Martini + His Top Martini Secrets

John shares his recipe for a pre-Prohibition gin martini—a throwback to an era with petite drinks that were stirred, not shaken. He explains why.

How To Make a Pre-Prohibition Gin Martini + The Right Way to Serve a Martini | John Cusimano

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Rach's Husband John Cusimano Makes A Martini That's Deliciously Filthy

John's filthy martini gets its extra-briny flavor thanks to pickle juice + cocktail onion brine.

How To Make a Filthy Dirty Martini By John Cusimano

John's filthy martini gets its extra-briny flavor thanks to pickle juice + cocktail onion brine.

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