How To Make Carbonara Grilled Cheese Bites | NYE At Home | Mary Giuliani

Watch NYC-based party planner Mary Giuliani show you how to her grilled cheese bites for a relaxed NYE at home.

NYE At Home: Carbonara Grilled Cheese Bites

Party-planner-to-the-stars Mary Giuliani shares her recipe for tiny, tasty grilled cheese bites to celebrate NYE at home.

Ghoulishly Delicious: 5-Minute Ghosts In A Jar

Grab some store-bought chocolate pudding + mini marshmallows to make this easy—and frightfully cute—"Ghosts In a Jar" Halloween dessert. No baking required!

Shortcut Halloween Dessert: Ghosts In A Jar Chocolate Pudding Cups | Mary Giuliani

This adorable "Ghosts In a Jar" Halloween dessert is spooky easy to make using store-bought ingredients as a shortcut.

Shortcut Halloween Dessert: Edible Graveyard Cake | Mary Giuliani

Thanks to store-bought shortcut ingredients, this edible graveyard cake only takes minutes to assemble. Or let the kids do it as a fun Halloween activity.

Fright Night: Let The Kids Decorate This Easy Edible Graveyard Cake

All you need is a store-bought chocolate cake, cookies + candy to make this easy Halloween dessert—no baking required!

Mary Giuliani Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Off-Broadway Show Catering Job

Celeb caterer Mary Giuliani is the food curator for the Off-Broadway show of the Oscar-winning movie "Sideways" — and she's taking us behind the scenes.

3 Fancy Snack Board Ideas That Don't Include Cheese | Celebrity Caterer Mary Giuliani

Caterer-to-the-stars Mary Giuliani demos 3 fancy snack board ideas that go beyond the traditional cheese board.

Rach Tours Her Home Kitchen On Instagram Live With Mary Giuliani | #StayHome + Happy Hour #WithMe

Our #StayHome series continues! Rach joins celeb caterer and good friend Mary Giuliani on her Instagram Live + gives a tour of her home kitchen upstate.

How to Make DIY Party Poppers | Celeb Party Planner Mary Giuliani

All you need are toilet paper rolls, deflated balloons, confetti, tissue paper, scissors and tape.

These 5-Step DIY Party Poppers Are SO Easy

All you need are toilet paper rolls, deflated balloons, confetti, tissue paper, scissors and tape.

These Pretty Prosciutto Flower Tea Sandwiches Are Easier Than They Look

It only takes a few simple tricks to turn prosciutto into roses for these Instagram-ready mini Avocado & Mozzarella Tea Sandwiches.

Nothing Says "I Love You" Like Prosciutto Roses

These prosciutto roses are easy to make and are the perfect topper for tea sandwiches or on a cheese board.

Mint Tea Juleps Are Like The Bourbon Original With a Minty Boost

Party planner Mary Giuliani uses mint tea and fresh mint to make her Mint Tea Juleps for a tea party twist on the traditional bourbon-infused cocktail.