How to Make Greek Stuffed Peppers (Gemista) | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach prepare Greek-style baked peppers filled with a fragrant mixture of ground lamb or beef, rice, tomatoes, cheese and lots of fresh herbs.

Rach's Family Can't Get Enough of These Greek Stuffed Peppers

Rachael stuffs pepper "boats" with an aromatic meat, rice, cheese and herb filling, then bakes them with sliced potatoes + puréed tomatoes.

How to Make Chile Rellenos | Rachael Ray

Watch Rachael prepare a hearty Mexican meal of deep-fried stuffed poblano peppers in a warm charred-tomato salsa with crunchy pickled red onions.

Deep-Fried Stuffed Peppers Star in Rachael's Mexican Dinner

Rachael pairs deep-fried stuffed poblano peppers with a warm charred-tomato salsa + crunchy pickled onions in this hearty Mexican meal.

How to Make Salt 'n' Pepper Pork or Chicken | Rachael Ray

Watch Rach make a fun, quick + easy Chinese-style dinner that's better than takeout.

Rach's Chinese-Style Pork or Chicken Dinner Is Quicker Than Takeout

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How to Make 4 Mexican-Inspired Dishes with Pan-Roasted Salsa

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Salsa Lovers Will Love This Pan-Roasted Version

Up your salsa game with this simple pan-roasted twist on the Mexican classic.

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Toss Roasted Eggplant, Peppers & Tomatoes with Pasta + Dinner Is Done

Rachael roasts the best of late summer's produce—eggplants, peppers and tomatoes—and tosses it with pasta for a healthy, quick + easy dinner.

Margarita Chicken Fajitas With Tequila + Lime

Two of our staffers show you how to make margarita chicken fajitas "en fuego" — i.e. with a marinade that includes tequila and lime!

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The muffuletta is a giant sandwich full of meats + cheeses—and this mini version is made for summer picnics.

Quick & Easy Dinner: Pork Spareribs With Sweet Peppers + Onions

A quick & easy recipe for pork spareribs with sweet peppers, onions, sage + honey from Chris Kimball's new cookbook.