Why Are Rachael Ray and Regis Philbin Pitching a Tent?

Rachael Ray and Regis Philbin are learning how to assemble a tent on today’s show, and you can learn too!

What To Do If A Snake Bites You

You’re walking along on a hike and a snake suddenly bites you – if you’re far away from civilization and quick assistance, what do you do? Outdoor adventurers and the stars of ABC’s Rock the Park, Colton Smith and Jack Steward, have the answer.

Regis Philbin on the Time Frank Sinatra Got Punked by Don Rickles

Regis Philbin is heading out on the road with comic legend Don Rickles this summer, and he’s recounting a hilarious story from their youth about the time Don pranked Frank Sinatra! Watch to hear about the hard-to-believe incident!

Follow this Tip To Make Perfect Baked Goods

The best way to measure your dry ingredients properly is to over fill your measuring cup and then scrape off the excess. Do this by spooning your dry ingredient into the cup and, using the flat side of a butter knife, scrape (or level) the flour off.

DIY Hanging Candles

This project couldn’t be easier. Just pour sand into hanging glass teardrop containers, add a candle, and hang with some rustic rope or string.

How to Makeover Your Living Room for Practically Nothing

Nate Berkus shows you how making a few simple and inexpensive changes can really transform your home.

DIY Custom Cashmere Pillows

If you have old cashmere sweaters lying around (or can pick some up at the thrift store), Nate Berkus shows you how to easily turn them into throw pillow cases!

Regis Philbin Reminisces About His Pal Don Rickles

Regis Philbin reminiscing about the good old days with his pal Don Rickles!

Regis Philbin's Surprising Encounter with a Young Steven Spielberg

Regis Philbin remembers the time when he met a young Steven Spielberg.

Regis’ Hosting Rules

Regis’ Hosting Rules

Rachael Ray Accidentally Spills Coffee on Her Co-Host -- See Her Perfect Recovery

What happens when a TV host spills coffee everywhere while interviewing two guests? Well, she cleans it up!

Watch Regis Philbin's Inspirational Guide to Being a Television Show Host

Regis is schooling Dreamjobbing winner Kaleb Wyse on what it takes to be a great television show host.

Regis Philbin Returns

Regis Philbin Returns