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Curtis Stone loves making shrimp + vegetable tempura for date night and says "anyone can do this!"

Jacques Pepin's Quick and Easy English Muffin Shrimp Burgers

Jacques Pepin shares his quick and easy shrimp burgers, which he serves on English muffin halves with an optional dollop of trout roe.

How to Make Shrimp Burgers | Jacques Pepin

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Rach's Singapore-Style Curry Noodles With Chicken, Shrimp + Veggies

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Sara Moulton's Quick and Easy 5-Ingredient Stuffed Shrimp

TV host + cookbook author Sara Moulton shares her sausage-stuffed shrimp with lemon sauce, a quick and easy main course that requires just 5 ingredients!

Rach's Chicken and Shrimp Pasta, Chesapeake Bay Style!

Rachael shares her Chesapeake Bay-style chicken and shrimp that she calls "kind of a mashup of northern and southern food."

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