Follow Rach's Lead and Make Turkey 2 Ways This Thanksgiving!

Rach is serving turkey 2 ways this Thanksgiving: a Buffalo-style app + roulades with an apple, celery & onion stuffing.

Rach's Apple, Celery and Onion Stuffing

Rachael's mom makes this apple, celery and onion stuffing every year, and she says couldn't be better or easier to make!

How to Make Turkey 2 Ways: Whisky Buffalo Turkey & Turkey Roulades with Ham, Cheese & Stuffing

Watch Rachael show you how to make turkey 2 ways: Buffalo-style + rolled with apple onion stuffing and roasted.

Vegan Stuffing Gets a "Meaty" Twist with Meatless Sausage

Chef Spike Mendelsohn gives his vegan Thanksgiving cornbread stuffing casserole a "meaty" twist with meatless sausage.

How to Make Vegan Sausage and Cornbread Stuffing Casserole | Vegan Thanksgiving | Spike Mendelsohn

Watch chef Spike Mendelsohn share his vegan Thanksgiving cornbread stuffing casserole, made with meatless sausage.

Twist on Turkey: Rach's Turkey Breast Roulade + Gravy

Rach's turkey roulade with simple gravy rolls up the best elements of Thanksgiving dinner—better yet, this recipe is easily doubled for leftovers.

How to Make Turkey Breast Roulade with Simple Gravy from Rachael's New Book, This Must Be the Place

Watch Rach serve an easier alternative to whole Thanksgiving bird: turkey breast rolled up with stuffing, baked + served with a deliciously simple gravy.

Pantry Clean-Out Recipe: Air Fryer Stuffing-Coated Chicken Nuggets

Culinary team member Jeanette Donnarumma uses her air fryer and pantry leftovers to make Stuffing-Coated Chicken Nuggets.

How To Make Air Fryer Stuffing-Coated Chicken Nuggets | Pantry Clean-Out Recipe

Watch culinary team member Jeanette Donnarumma transform leftover stuffing breadcrumbs into a tastier coating for kid-friendly chicken nuggets.

How To Make Turkey Breast Roulade and Simple Gravy | Rachael Ray

Rach combines the stuffing, gravy and turkey to make a Thanksgiving-worth roulade—watch her show you how it's done.

How To Make Tortilla Chip Stuffing | Thanksgiving Recipes | Richard Blais

Watch Richard Blais make a quick + easy stuffing recipe using tortilla chips and the sweet 'n' savory seasonings of Thanksgiving.

Nacho Lovers, Richard Blais' Tortilla Chip Stuffing Was Made For You

Richard Blais uses tortilla chips to make a snackable stuffing that's a mash-up of nachos and Thanksgiving.

One-Pan Tray Bake: Rach's Chicken, Potatoes + Apples + Stuffing Balls

Rach makes an easy tray bake dinner of chicken, potatoes, apples + stuffing balls to kick off our "12 Days Of Thanksgiving."