Sunny Anderson's Game Day Buffalo-Chicken Guacamole

Watch Sunny Anderson show you how to make her easy Buffalo chicken guacamole layered dip that's perfect for tailgating or "couch-gating."

Sunny Anderson's Game Day Buffalo-Chicken Guac

Sunny Anderson brings 2 football-watching favorites together in 1 epic layered dip: buffalo chicken + guacamole, topped with blue cheese + fried onions!

Sunny Anderson's Game Day Cheesy Chicken + Bacon Taquitos

Sunny Anderson's cheesy taquitos filled with rotisserie chicken, cheddar + bacon are quick and easy game day grub.

How to Make Chicken, Cheddar and Bacon Taquitos

Watch Sunny Anderson show you how to make her simple rotisserie chicken, cheddar + bacon taquitos, perfect for tailgating or "couch-gating."

Rach's Game Day Burgers With Chimichurri Sauce + Cheesy Potatoes

Rach brings Argentina to game day with beef and chorizo burgers topped with a chimichurri-flavored sour cream sauce and served with cheesy potatoes.

This Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Will Score Big With a Game Day Crowd

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Rach's Super Burgers for the Super Bowl

Rach's souped-up beef or meat-free burgers with cheese + sriracha special sauce are perfect for the Super Bowl or anytime of the year.

How to Make Super Burgers | Game Day Recipe | Rachael Ray

Watch Rachael show you how to make beef or meat-free burgers mixed with Worcestershire sauce and spices + topped with spicy sriracha special sauce.

Self-Proclaimed Tailgating Pro's Best Hack for Tailgating in Cold Weather

Some of the best sporting events happen in the winter—so self-proclaimed tailgating pro Rod Herrenbruck has a trick for tailgating in cold weather.

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Hot Dog With The Works As a Chili?! YAAAAS

This hearty chili incorporates all the flavors of a hot dog with the works (yep, even relish).