Sheet Pan Utopia: Rach's Utica Tomato Pie

By reader request, Rach makes Utica Tomato Pie—which she dubs a cross between deep-dish pizza & focaccia topped with a bright tomato sauce—in a sheet pan.

No BBQ Is Complete Without This Coleslaw

Chef Rodney Scott himself wasn't sold on coleslaw until he made this creamy coleslaw recipe and paired it with his BBQ meats. Just trust him.

Pasta Night! Rach's Cannelloni With Spinach + Red Sauce

Instead of buying and filling cannelloni tubes, Rach rolls her own using lasagna sheets for this pasta dish made with spinach + spicy red sauce.

Rach's Ramen Bowls With Crispy Tofu

Rach shares her recipe for ramen bowls with a sesame-miso broth + crispy baked tofu.

Scott Conant's Quick + Simple Farfalle with Mushrooms

Celebrity chef Scott Conant shares a quick and easy pasta recipe for farfalle with what he calls a special ingredient—sauteed shiitake mushrooms.

How To Make Farfalle with Shiitake Mushrooms | Scott Conant

Watch celebrity chef Scott Conant show you how to make a quick and easy vegetarian pasta recipe—Farfalle with Shiitake Mushrooms.

Katie Lee's Sundried Tomato Pasta Is Perfect When You're Short On Time

Mom & host of Food Network's "The Kitchen" Katie Lee Biegel shares her recipe for a quick & easy sundried tomato pasta.

Rach Makes Pasta With a Tuscan-Style Ragu—But Hold The Meat!

Rach shares a vegetarian twist on a classic Tuscan-style meat sauce by swapping in her favorite plant-based meat alternative.

Healthy + Delicious Pantry Recipe: Lentil Soup

"Chopped" judge and chef Marc Murphy uses pantry ingredients for a healthy and delicious lentil soup recipe.

How To Make Lentil Soup | Pantry Recipe | Marc Murphy

Watch "Chopped" judge + chef Marc Murphy show you how he makes a healthy lentil soup using pantry staples.

Dig Out Those Unopened Cans of Pumpkin For This Vegetarian Casserole

Unopened canned pumpkin taking up pantry space is the key ingredient in this enchilada-inspired vegetarian casserole.

How To Make a Pumpkin Enchilada-Inspired Casserole | Pantry Clean-Out Recipe

Watch culinary team member Kate Bennert show you how to make an enchilada-inspired casserole using unopened canned pumpkin.

Rach Shares Her Recipe For The Middle Eastern Spice Blend Za'atar

Sprinkle the Middle Eastern spice blend za'atar over anything savory—if you have a full spice drawer, it's easy to make your own like Rach.