Re-Watch 12 of Our Most Popular Show Moments!

It’s been 11 seasons of surprises, makeovers, celebs, tips, food + more. Here’s what you couldn’t stop watching over the past decade and counting.

These 3 DIY Tutorials Will Get You Expensive Style for a Steal

Hanging terrariums might look adorable but they’re SO expensive! Here’s how to make your own + other cool stuff

Daym Drops Becomes the Butcher + So Can You

Get yourself a good knife + get ready to butcher your whole cuts of meat at home.

How to Re-Create a Celeb Outfit on a Budget

Tess Christine is a fashion vlogger who re-creates celeb looks on a budget. She took the below outfit worn by Selena Gomez (worth more than $4,000!) and re-created it for less than $100!

YouTube Star La Guardia Cross Quizzes Kids About the Presidents

Happy President’s Day! Make your day off extra awesome by watching these adorable kids talk about the presidency.

Watch Our Favorite Tiny Dancer Perform the Nutcracker with the New York City Ballet

The holidays are here and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by making magic happen with one of our favorite kiddos, YouTube dancing star Audrey Nethery!

This Has to Be the Sweetest Cheerleading Routine We’ve Ever Seen -- Pint-Sized YouTube Star Included

This little girl will put a smile on your face!

Daym Drops Digs Into the Philly’s Best Tailgate Food

YouTube fast food connoisseur Daym Drops paid a visit to Philadelphia’s best football tailgate party to sample some of the best their city has to offer.

Audrey Tells Rachael Ray About Her Trip to Hollywood and Gets a Birthday Surprise

Audrey Nethery -- one of our favorite (and most adorable) guests -- tells Rach all about her recent trip to California and Rach surprises her with an early birthday present from American Girl.

Tiny YouTube Star Audrey Nethery Hits Hollywood

Viral sensation Audrey travels to California, meets the cast of her favorite Disney Channel show and gets a tour from Jenna Ortega, who plays Harley in Disney Channel’s “Stuck in the Middle.”

Audrey Nethery Sings Taylor Swift’s “Love Song” on the Rachael Ray Show

Viral sensation Audrey is back with a special encore performance of the song she sang at the Global Genes 5th Annual Tribute to Champions of Hope gala, which honors and celebrates rare disease advocates, scientists, patients and supporters.

Daym Drops Is Back!

YouTube star Daym Drops, known for his vivacious burger reviews, is back and we’re sending him on the assignment of a lifetime.

YouTube Stars

YouTube Stars

Insanely Adorable YouTube Sensation Audrey Gets Down with the Brooklynettes

YouTube star Audrey Nethery, 7, may be small but she’s got big talent!