Lucky You! Two Viewers Win a Life-Changing Dishwasher

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 6:46 AM, July 29, 2015

Aired July 29, 2015

Brought to you by LG

For many people, doing the dishes can be one of the most dreaded of household chores. That's about to change for one audience member and one viewer at home, because it's time to play Lucky You!

One lucky audience member and one lucky viewer at home will win the LG TrueSteam™ dishwasher, which delivers improved cleaning performance without the hassle of pre-washing. Plus, it's got an EasyRack™ Plus system. With one touch, the upper rack can be raised up to make room for tall pots, pans, plates and baking sheets, giving everyone lots of flexibility and convenience.

Find out who's taking home this life-changing dishwasher on today's show!