Helping a Young Cupcake Baker Keep Her Business Going

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired June 04, 2014

Cupcake connoisseur Chloe is just 11, and already has a booming business. “It makes me feel good when I bake, because it’s just fun for me,” explains Chloe. She started by making cakes for friends and family, but she soon found herself gaining a larger clientele, with the young baker receiving orders for her cakes every weekend, including donation requests from local charity events.

As she gained more fans for her desserts, including whimsical cupcakes shaped like high-heeled shoes, Chloe’s business gained some unexpected attention. She was shut down when health officials discovered her small business wasn't in compliance with her local county laws. In order for her to reopen her business, she now needs to purchase a commercial bakery, or build a separate kitchen in her home to be used strictly for baking. You don’t want to miss what Rachael and Buddy have in store for this passionate little girl!

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