Two Viewers Swap Beauty Routines

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Playing Two Viewers Swap Beauty Routines

Rachael loves the movie Face/Off, so we've got a challenge for two viewers that's inspired by its face-swapping story line! They're trading "faces" by following each other's makeup routines for a week. Salina is a makeup lover who won't even go to the mailbox without first applying her creams, eye shadow and lipstick. "I feel so much better with it on," says the mother of two. "Swapping beauty routines is probably going to make me feel frustrated, embarrassed and angry!” She'll ditch her rituals for a week and take Laura's minimal approach. “I have the simplest beauty routine known to man," says Laura, "and I actually think my husband’s is slightly longer than mine!”  

Will they survive the one week challenge in each other’s makeup bags? See how they did!

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