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Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired September 04, 2015

Minnesota resident Naïma Tikalsky initially tuned in to watch our October 16 episode because wanted to see our co-host for that day, football legend Tony Gonzalez. But it was actually a segment about a breast cancer survivor that would go on to have the biggest impact on her. In fact, she says it literally saved her life.

After watching the segment, Naïma says she decided to give herself a self-breast examination.

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"I checked my breasts because I could relate to that woman," she said.

It was then in which she discovered a lump.

"For just a moment, I stopped breathing," she said. "The hair on my neck stood up. My eyes went big. My heart sank."

An ultrasound later confirmed the lump was abnormal; a biopsy and two mammograms confirmed she had breast cancer.

Now, Naïma is getting ready to undergo six sessions of chemotherapy -- a scary and emotional process for anyone involved. However, Naima is choosing to take positive approach to the process.

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"[Cancer has made] me see and realize that I have forgotten about the things that were so important," she said. "Not just for myself, but just about the people who are around me."

And the credit, she says, belongs to Rachael.

"You really saved my life," she said. "Thank you."

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