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Meet a Viewer Who Lost 370 Lbs.! Aired February 12, 2015

For as long as he can remember, 31-year-old Ryan of Lilbourn, MO, struggled with his weight.

"I was always a heavier kid," he said. "In my high school, I was lower 200 [lbs.] to middle-upper 200 [lbs.]. In college, I put another hundred pounds on me."

"The rest of it came after college," he said, adding he eventually got to 550 lbs.

Ryan's struggle with his weight came to a head in October 2012, when his twin brother -- who was also the same weight -- came down with congestive heart failure.

"It was kind of a wakeup call me," Ryan said, "that I needed to get my life in order."

Ryan subsequently signed up for a program that concentrates on portion control and exercise. The results were stunning; in a year and a half, he lost 350 lbs.

"It worked," he said. "It makes sense. Calories in vs. calories out -- you're going to lose weight."

Now, Ryan -- who is a band teacher at a local high school -- is showing off his stunning weight-loss to Rachael Ray and her co-host, Bob Harper.

Check out the incredible results by watching these exclusive videos.

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