The 3 Time-Saving Spring Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

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by Lisa Lozano


None of us like to clean (well most of us) but it’s something that needs to be done. Organizing expert Peter Walsh is making it a little easier for you with his amazing, easy spring cleaning hacks. Your kitchen will thank you and you’ll still have time to kick back with a glass of wine when you’re done!

Get Your Toaster Sparkling

Toasters can get remarkably icky, what with all the crumbs that accumulate. Peter’s simple hack involves affixing a paper towel to the end of a pencil with a rubber band, then swishing it around inside the (unplugged of course!) toaster. Then, simply release the crumb tray on the bottom, and use a hair dryer to blast out all the rest of the crumbs.

Tip: Use a half lemon with salt to buff the outside of your toaster (and other metal appliances), then spray with vinegar and polish with a paper towel for an intense shine!

Use this Secret Ingredient to Clean Discolored Pans

We all have pans that we love that just don’t look as great as they could after heavy use. Peter’s brilliant solution? Use denture-cleaning tablets and hot water to soak the stains right out!

Tip: If the first treatment doesn’t work, add more hot water and denture tabs and let soak overnight.

Clean all the Gunk Out of Your Microwave

Soak a sponge with water, dish soap and vinegar, then put it in the microwave for three minutes. After the time is up, use the wet sponge to wipe down the microwave. The condensation will soften the gunk and it will wipe right off!

Tip: Let the sponge cool slightly before wiping – it will be hot!

What’s your favorite spring cleaning hack?

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