What to Wear to Every Type of Party -- Revealed

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The holiday party season is almost here and if your invite list is a mile long, you’re going to need clothes to wear to all of those events! But if you’re having trouble deciphering what clothes you should wear to each type of event, TLC’s Love, Lust, or Run star Stacy London is breaking it down for you.

What to Wear to a Casual Party

For a casual party, you can wear jeans with a tank and a great jacket, with either heels or flats.

What to Wear to a Cocktail Party

Stacy says that cocktail attire can be shorter and flashier that other styles, and shares a simple trick for knowing if you’ve made the right choice. “If you can wear it during the day, it’s not cocktail [attire],” she reveals. She cautions, however, to not go overboard. She suggests wearing one “sparkly” element, like a shimmery skirt, that will pop and make your whole look festive.

What to Wear to a Black Tie Event

Stacy says that the rules for black tie have relaxed slightly, in that you can wear a knee-length dress or a gown, and she says that you can even wear a jumpsuit, but if you do, make sure it’s black and has a black tuxedo stripe down the pant.

What to Wear for Any Occasion

And finally, want one look that can get you through just about any type of party? Stacy’s suggestion might surprise you – she suggests a classy jumpsuit! They can be dressed up or down, and Stacy says that there is a jumpsuit for every body type. If you are top-heavy, you’re going to want to go for a suit that emphasizes your bottom half, and vice versa.

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