Genevieve Gorder Helps a Man Who Lives in a 'Shoe Box' Get Organized

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 9:00 AM, May 31, 2016

Aired May 31, 2016

Pete lives in a room the size of a parking space, but somehow has managed to cram a queen-sized bed, desk and hundreds of sneakers into it! Unfortunately, though he does his best to keep organized, the sneakers are taking over, so we brought Genevieve Gorder in to help.

Genevieve gave his space a total makeover by displaying a number of his sneakers on simple white shelving and clear plastic boxes, and storing the rest under the bed. Watch the video below for the amazing transformation.

Next, Genevieve shared two tips that you can use at home to transform your own small space.

Hanging Bed Side Table

Genevieve shows you how to make a simple but sturdy hanging table with a slab of wood, rope and some other parts.

DIY Accent Table

Genevieve shows you how to cut a table in half and anchor it to the wall to make a space-saving accent table that will work in even the smallest space.

What’s your favorite tip for getting organized in a small space? Share below!