4 Free DIY Medical Tests You Can Do at Home

Photo credit: Rachael Ray Show Aired March 14, 2016

Dr. Ian Smith is here to share four simple tests he says you can do at home to gauge your health. He cautions that not passing these tests doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong, but it’s something you should discuss with your doctor.

No. 1: Hearing Test

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For this first test, Dr. Ian advises to put your hand about five inches from your ear, and rub your fingers together as you move your hand closer to the ear. You should be able to hear the sound, and it should increase as your hand gets closer to your ear. If you don’t pass this test, Dr. Ian advises you to see your doctor.

Tip: Dr. Ian suggests that you never clean your own ears out. Go to a professional to handle that.

No. 2: The Stair Test

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Dr. Ian recommends this test to test breathing and conditioning. He advises you to walk up and down a flight of stairs while singing a familiar song the whole time. Not being able to do this could be indicative of several issues.

No. 3: Agility Test

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This test measures agility, but we’d like to point out that Dr. Ian says that he can’t always pass this test! That said, Dr. Ian suggests untying one shoe, then standing with one foot on the ground, and the other in the air, and trying to tie the shoe that is in the air without holding on to anything.

No. 4: Foot Test

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For this test, you need a partner. While your eyes are closed, Dr. Ian suggests that you have a partner take a pencil that has a sharp point and a soft eraser and poke your foot gently, and you tell your partner whether you feel a “sharp” or “dull” sensation. The partner should record any times you weren’t able to correctly identify the sensation.

Which of these tests will you try first? Share below.

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