We Try Out Heat-Free Curlers, a DIY Accent Pillow Kit + an Automatic Dog Washer

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 6:38 AM, September 14, 2016

Rachael Ray Show

Aired July 6, 2017

A product that curls your hair sans heat, a throw pillow you decorate yourself, and a device that shampoos and rinses your dog at the same time? Must-have or too-good-to-be-true? We put them to the test using both amateur and pro guinea pigs – so you don’t have to.

Product 1: Curlformers

These fun little mesh tubes claim to curl your hair with zero heat. Both our pro, Gretta Monahan, and our amateur, Angel ended up being fans of the product. Gretta commented that her hair was “smooth and healthy” after using the product and predicted her curls would hold all day. Gretta did have a few tips to make the product work as well as possible. She recommended that for best results, users should start with damp, but not wet hair, and those with thick hair might want to use a blow dryer for a short amount of time if a quicker result is desired. MORE: 3 Foolproof Hair Hacks

Product 2: Paint-A-Pillow

If you’ve been from store to store but can’t find the right accent pillow to complete your living room, this pillow painting kit might be for you. Both our amateur, Tammy, and our home décor and DIY expert Brit Morin enjoyed painting their pillows and liked the finished product. “I definitely would recommend this,” Brit said, while Tammy noted, “It really wasn’t a difficult product to use, at all.” MORE: Impossibly Chic DIY Projects Using Things You’d Find at a Dollar Store

Product 3: The Woof Washer 360

The Woof Washer 360 boasts of being able to both wash and shampoo your dog in a minute! Big claim, but both our amateur, Beth, and expert, veterinarian Dr. Heather Loenser, ended up finding the product, which attaches to your garden hose, useful. Beth said, “I thought it was pretty effective,” while Dr. Loenser commented, “I really like this shampoo mixing container. I think that’s really convenient.” MORE: 9 of the Most Adorable Dogs to Ever Appear on Our Show

*Dr. Heather Loenser is a paid spokesperson for American Animal Hospital Association.