A Teen's Embarrassing Clunker Gets a Glitzy Makeover

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 9:00 AM, November 29, 2016

Aired November 29, 2016

YouTube star Daym Drops is back on our set – this time to help a dad make his teen daughter’s eyesore of a car a lot less embarrassing!

Chuck wanted to buy his teen daughter Melissa a reliable car but was on a budget so he headed to the police auction and bought a former Crown Victoria cop car for $700. He did his best to upgrade it, but after an accident resulted in a couple mismatched door panels, Melissa was mortified to be seen driving it.

Rach and Daym to the rescue! We teamed up with Custom Lifestyles by Action Tire to give Melissa’s clunker a whole new vibe – with bright blue exterior paint, flat black wheels and trim, a new rear-view camera and disco-esque black lights along the floor.

Check out the amazing reveal – you won’t even recognize Melissa’s hip new ride.

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