Bob Harper Bravely Taste Tests 3 of the Latest Food Fads -- and His Reactions May Surprise You

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Playing Bob Harper Bravely Taste Tests 3 of the Latest Food Fads -- and His Reactions May Surprise You

Our pal Bob Harper is an adventurous eater, and willing to try just about anything, so we thought it’d be fun to have him taste test a few of the latest food fads! Here’s what he tried:

Ice Cream Ramen
First, he tried ice cream ramen from The Dessert Kitchen. It’s crushed ice with noodles made of kanten which is a japanese jelly noodle that’s made from algae. “It’s chilled algae, basically,” says Rach. Harper dove in with his chopsticks and was pleasantly surprised. “It’s good! It’s refreshing like frozen berries. I ain’t mad at it!”

Broccoli Dogs
The second mystery dish contains broccoli dogs from Dirt Candy. These are grilled and smoked broccoli dogs with broccoli kraut and a mustard barbecue sauce. (Or, according to Rach… it’s a vegan hot dog.) Harper took a huge bite and says he likes it! “It would be better if the bread was toasted, though.”

Sweet + Savory Doughnuts
Last, but not least are doughnuts from The Doughnut Project. Seems innocent enough, right? Wrong! Brace yourselves doughnut lovers. One doughnut is called “The Bronx” and it’s made with olive oil and black pepper. Another is called “The Everything Doughnut,” and finally… the “Bone Marrow Chocolate Doughnut.” Yep. Bone marrow. With zero hesitation, Harper takes a bite out of the doughnut with bone marrow. “I think that it’s… okay,” says Harper. “At first you taste the beefiness a little bit, but then the chocolate starts to settle in.”

Well, there’s that. Bon appétit!

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