5 of Our Most Hilarious Kitchen Fails Ever

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Playing 5 of Our Most Hilarious Kitchen Fails Ever
5 of Our Most Hilarious Kitchen Fails Ever Aired November 08, 2016

Having a television show or approximately 7 billion meals cooked under your belt doesn’t mean you won’t occasionally have a kitchen fail.

This year, if the turkey is a little well done or the potatoes are a little gluey, don’t stress out. Just think, “Hey, I’m good enough to be my own Rachael Ray Show segment!”

Don’t believe it?

Seeing is believing:

Rach's Hilarious Kitchen Fail Proves She's Just Like the Rest Of Us - If you’ve ever had to alter dinner plans because you couldn’t operate your food processor, this one’s for you. If only we all had a Sarah in our kitchen.

Fire in the Studio! Rachael's Kitchen Fail - Most kitchen towels are not flame retardant. However, it makes for a great story at cocktail hour!

Rach's Unexpected Baking Fail Will Make You Laugh Out Loud - Note to self: glassware is seldom included in baked goods. Unless, perhaps you are a guest at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Watch Clinton Kelly's Hilarious Kitchen Fail - Forget mirrors, these cheese sticks were all about the smoke. Even a little burning can’t keep a true lactose lover away from cheese’s siren song!

Rach's Hilarious 'Foil Fail'- If you’ve ever been at the wrong end of a foil fight, you understand Rach’s angst. If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky!

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