5 of Our Most Hilarious Kitchen Fails Ever

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Having a television show or approximately 7 billion meals cooked under your belt doesn't mean you won't occasionally have a kitchen fail.

This year, if the turkey is a little well done or the potatoes are a little gluey, don't stress out. Just think, "Hey, I'm good enough to be my own 'Rachael Ray Show' segment!"

Don't believe it? Seeing is believing:

Rach's Hilarious Kitchen Fail Proves She's Just Like the Rest Of Us
If you've ever had to alter dinner plans because you couldn't operate your food processor, this one's for you. If only we all had a Sarah in our kitchen.

Fire in the Studio! Rachael's Kitchen Fail
Most kitchen towels are not flame retardant. However, it makes for a great story at cocktail hour!

Rach's Unexpected Baking Fail Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
Note to self: Glassware is seldom included in baked goods. Unless, perhaps you are a guest at the Mad Hatter's tea party.

Watch Clinton Kelly's Hilarious Kitchen Fail
Forget mirrors, these cheese sticks were all about the smoke. Even a little burning can't keep a true lactose lover away from cheese's siren song!

Rach's Hilarious 'Foil Fail'
If you've ever been at the wrong end of a foil fight, you understand Rach's angst. If you haven't, consider yourself lucky!

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