Meet a Couple Who Turned $100 Into a Blessing for the Homeless

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 9:00 AM, November 14, 2016

Aired November 14, 2016

Last September, we gave members of our audience $100 in our #HundredDollarDeeds Challenge and asked them to go out into their community and pay it forward. Two of those audience members came back to tell us about the inspiring way they are making a difference for homeless people in their area.

Viewers Deena and Henry decided to use the initial $100 investment to buy care packages for the homeless, and even included a personal note in each one that says, “Smile, you’re amazing! Don’t ever forget it.” The pair didn’t stop with the initial $100 from Rach, they’ve kept it going, always keeping 10 bags in their car for those who might need it.

Deena and Henry say that helping the homeless has improved their lives as well, “Not only did it make them happy, it made us really happy too.”

Watch to see the look on their faces when Rach makes a new investment in their feel-good project!

If you have $100 to spare, you can pay it forward too, and we want you to share all your good deeds! Use the hashtag #HundredDollarDeeds and tag us at @TheRachaelRayShow on Facebook, @RachaelRayShow on Instagram or @RachaelRayShow on Twitter.

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