The Inspiration for This Teen's Ice Cream Shop Will Make Your Heart Melt

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Who would’ve thought that a sweet treat like ice cream could help a teen cope with major obstacles in life, and create a booming business all at the same time?

Grace Connor of Boston, Massachusetts is just 17 years old, and is the founder and owner of little g ice cream co. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 15 (which has since been successfully removed), and creating delicious treats in the kitchen helped lift her up when she was battling her illness. “It was a form of therapy for me,” says Connor.

After her diagnosis she decided to start her own business doing what makes her happiest -- making ice cream. She got her first breakthrough after asking a small grocery store to sell her products. Her business has been booming ever since!

“I didn’t start a business to make money,” says Connor. “I wanted to share my recipes. Seeing other people enjoy something I worked so hard to make is really rewarding.”

Not only is she a star teen entrepreneur, but she’s also giving back by donating her ice cream to patients at a local cancer center. Our friends at Berkshire Bank heard about all the good she’s doing and decided to donate $5,000 for her next fundraiser!


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