How to Throw the Best DIY Gender Reveal -- Ever!

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Playing How to Throw the Best DIY Gender Reveal -- Ever!

Move over baby showers: The biggest trend in celebrating the arrival of a new family member is a gender reveal party — the super-fun way to let friends and loved ones know if you’re having a boy or girl. Here, Rachael learns how to create the perfect party trick for one of these gatherings with the help of décor expert Brit Morin.

Brit explained that the reveal can be in the form of a cake (with a pink or blue inside), but showed Rach a fun new way to do the reveal — with a piñata, stuffed with colorful paper to indicate the gender. Using a paper lantern, gold foil for decoration, and a glue gun, Rachael helped Brit cover the lantern and stuff it with confetti.

What’s more, Rachael invited a family from the audience, who was awaiting a new baby, to the stage for their very own gender reveal celebration. Dusty and Axel were already parents to a boy and a girl, and said the family is split along gender lines when it comes to their hopes for the new addition. Watch to see mom Dusty take a swing at the pinata and find out their big news!

Plus, check the video for the step-by-step how-to and ANOTHER surprise the family received thanks to Rachael and Buy Buy Baby.

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