See How One Busy Family Went From Eating Takeout 5 Nights a Week to Cooking Almost Every Night

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Playing See How One Busy Family Went From Eating Takeout 5 Nights a Week to Cooking Almost Every Night

Throughout the month of February, we challenged you to cook and eat at home with your families as much as possible (ideally, six nights a week) and lots of you participated (yay!). We loved reading all of your posts and looking at all of those yummy pics of the food YOU made! Check ‘em out by searching the hashtag #24DaysofDinner on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The Wormeck family from Washington, New Jersey had a habit of eating takeout five nights a week due to their busy schedules, but stepped up to the plate to make some healthy changes. They documented their journey in the video above and realized they’re loving their new lifestyle -- they even discovered their young daughters love eating salad! (Victory!)

MAKE: Make-Ahead Salad Dressing

There’s only one problem -- the kiddos are starting to get bored with bottled dressings. Luckily, making salad dressing from scratch is super easy! Just follow the simple ratio Rach explains in the video below and from there you can customize it to your liking.

Just because our challenge is technically over doesn’t mean we want you to stop cooking! Click through the resources below to help you get home-cooked meals on the table -- and, hey, you never know, you might discover new foods that you love to eat!

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