Rach Tells the Story About How She Got Her Start + It's Truly Incredible

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Playing Rach Tells the Story About How She Got Her Start + It's Truly Incredible

We did one of our favorite things -- give our viewers the chance to ask Rachael ANYTHING that was on their minds! And she delivered in her typical open and honest fashion.

Q: Can you recommend a good chef’s knife?

A: “Yea, go to QVC.com and buy mine!” says Rach. “All kidding aside, the things that I manufacture and put my name on, they’re the best quality for the price at any level.”

Check out the video above to hear Rach’s explanation for what makes a great knife.

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Q: Can I come cook traditional Georgian food on your show?

A: “I’ve been reading up a lot about Georgian cuisine, it’s becoming very popular globally now,” says Rach. “We’ll make sure to get your info, maybe we’ll have you on the show!”

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Q: Who is your best friend? Who do you hang out with the most?

A: Rach says her best friend is her dog Isaboo! (AWW!)

“I think it’s a three-way tie between my dog, my husband if we’re both in good moods, and my mom who I talk to pretty much every day.”

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Q: How did you get your start?

A: This story is a shocker -- best if you watch the video above to hear it from Rach herself!

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