PA Mom-Daughter Team Gets a Chance at Redemption After Losing the Final Round of 'Cutthroat Kitchen'


Playing PA Mother-Daughter Team Gets a Chance at Redemption After Losing the Final Round of ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’
PA Mother-Daughter Team Gets a Chance at Redemption After Losing the Final Round of ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’ Aired May 05, 2017

Snagging a spot to compete on the hit show Cutthroat Kitchen is no easy feat, so once you make it, you’d better be in it to win it!

But what if things just don’t pan out?

For Judy Specht and Bethany Stanco -- a mother-daughter duo from Shillington, Pennsylvania, it was devastating. After making it to the FINAL round, they ended up losing the competition, and Judy sent us this letter asking for a do-over.

Dear Rachael,
Here is the scoop. My daughter and I were on
Cutthroat Kitchen… she is extremely competitive and an aspiring cook. Well we flew to LA and I had my orders, DO NOT mess this up for me. I was under extreme pressure and low and behold we won the first round! And then we made it to the second round! It came down to the final round... drum roll, I burnt the chocolate and OMG we lost what would have been about $6,000! She was furious with me. I thought it would be amazing if we could have a Rachael Ray version of Cutthroat Kitchen where I could redeem myself and have a chance for a redo?

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“Do we have $6,000 laying around here?” asks Rachael’s hubby, John.

“Well, I ain’t writing that check!” Rach says while laughing. “But we might be able to arrange a do-over.”

And that we did! We thought it’d be fun to put them pair up against each other giving Judy the chance to redeem herself, or give Bethany bragging rights. As a little surprise, we brought in someone VERY familiar to them -- chef Jet Tila!

“So you’re still talking to me, right?” jokes Jet. “I remember when I let you guys go -- the looks on your faces -- that one haunts me to this day.”

“I almost cried!” says Bethany.

“Aww, there’s no crying in chocolate!” says Rach.

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Like any competition, it wouldn’t be fun if there weren’t some curveballs thrown in! In spirit of Cinco de Mayo, Judy and Bethany each had to hit a pinata and whatever sabotage falls out of it is what they have to keep!

“Oh no, not this again!” says Judy.

Judy had to eliminate one ingredient from her coveted cookie recipe and Bethany had to wear oven mitts on her hands for the first 10 minutes of the competition!

What’s at stake? A $6,500 check from Russell Stover! So who’s a cut above the rest and who will be cut? Watch the video below to see who was crowned the winner!

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