Plus-Size Supermodel Ashley Graham’s New Swimsuit Line Is Sexy + Stylish No Matter WHAT Size You Are

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Playing Plus-Size Supermodel Ashley Graham’s New Swimsuit Line Is Sexy + Stylish No Matter WHAT Size You Are

Supermodel and body-positivity activist Ashley Graham made headlines when she graced the cover of the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as its first-ever plus-size model. (You go girl!)

But for many women, the thought of dressing in a swimsuit headed to the beach is stressful, could you image pictures of you in a bikini plastered everywhere for the world to see?!

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“You go to the beach with your family, you’re on a date, you go alone to the pool just to hang out -- you are criticizing your body left and right,” says Ashley.

Alright, she kind of hit the nail on the head there…

But she wants women of ALL sizes to love their bodies, that’s why she created her own line of swimsuits for the company “Swimsuits for All” which carries sizes 4-24!

“We call it ‘Swimsuits for All’ for a reason!” says Ashley. “I made it to empower women… so if you have a swimsuit that makes you feel good, you’re going to feel good and you’re attitude’s going to change wherever you go.”

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She brought a few of those pretty swimsuits over for a few of our viewers (who are all different sizes!) to try on!

A Hot Swimsuit for Any Size
Watch ‘em strut their stuff in the video (These girls are beaming with confidence, no?!) and get Ashley’s swimsuit shopping tips below.

Wono Ogunfowora from West Newark, New Jersey usually wears a size 6 and has an athletic shape with a short torso. Ashley chose a one-piece suit with cut-outs that elongates her torso and gives her just the perfect amount of curves so it looks like she has an hourglass figure.

“This is one of the best-fitting one-pieces that I’ve ever tried on!” says Wono.

“Woo! I didn’t pay her people!” jokes Ashley.

Mary Parris from Brooklyn, New York has always worn a one-piece and has recently lost a bit of weight. Now she’s a size 12, and Ashley decided to take her out of her comfort zone and put her in a two-piece!

“Of course we had to take her and show off that sexy body, hello!” says Ashley.

It’s a high-waisted, comfortable two-piece with a little mesh detail to add some sexiness!

“I’m going go to go the beach!” says Mary.

Jamie Fekete from Montclair, New Jersey has also always only worn one-piece suits. She wants a bathing suit that has more support for her breasts, but also still wants to feel comfy, hide certain areas while still accentuating her shape.

“She needed a stronger foundation it seems like,” says Rach.

“She needed an Ashley Graham swimsuit!” jokes Ashley.

Can’t get enough of Ashley? Neither can we! Hear her hilarious story about her sweet bonding moment with Kim Kardashian at the 2017 Met Gala here. Also, don’t forget to check out her new book A New Model, in stores today!

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