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Watch Moms Clean... for a Chance to Win Soap?!

by Rachael Ray Show Staff 4:54 PM, May 15, 2017

Aired September 6, 2017

Mothers know that getting dirty and cleaning up messes is all part of the gig, and these two moms are no exception!

Rachel Bodick and Rosa Brito rolled up their sleeves to play a little game called “Wash and Win” for a shot at winning a one year supply of the new Dial Complete® Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash (It kills 99.99% of common kitchen bacteria and eliminates food odor!) in the Citrus Sunburst and Fresh Lavender scents as well as $500!

Watch the video above to see which mom got squeaky clean the fastest and took home the prize!

That’s going to be one REALLY clean family!