What Shorts Are Best For Summer?

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Playing Here's How to Decide What Shorts You Should Wear This Summer

Viewer Sandy is 54 and is wondering if it’s age-appropriate to wear shorts in the summer. Luckily, style expert Stacy London has some answers and advice.

"The one factor that really does play in here is age. As we age, we want to show a little less skin. When you're in great shape and you look good, you want to wear things that look great," Stacy explains. "But you never want to wear things that look like you're chasing your youth. You want to look youthful."

Stacy shows Sandy and the audience just how to look for these types of shorts, paying close attention to the cut, the length and the occasion. "Because you want something that is both professional and casual, I would say you want to start at 5 inches," Stacy advises, referring to the shorts' inseam.

Watch the video above for more details on how to pick appropriate shorts for the summer.

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