Are Leggings Acceptable as Pants?

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Playing Stacy London Answers: Are Leggings Okay for Everyday?

Lindsay, a mom of two toddlers, wants to know -- is it acceptable to wear leggings in place of pants? This question leads to another worry: Does this look too lazy, or can it be pulled off in a fashionable way?

The answer: You can pull it off, but under some very specific circumstances. "If you are wearing leggings like you're going to or from the gym, you're not wearing legging as an outfit – you're wearing gym clothes," Stacy explains.

Our expert points out that Lindsay, sporting a bright patterned legging, is doing it right, aside from one detail. "You're doing a super long top which makes your leg line look alot shorter," Stacy says, showing her how she'd look longer and leaner with a more cropped blouse.

Stacy even has a specific legging suggestion for those looking to improve the trend. She shows us a vegan leather, high-waisted legging that will look like a complete outfit, if paired with the right cardigan, blazer, or other accessory.

Watch the video directly above for style expert Stacy London's explanation.

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