How to Upgrade Your Home With $100 or Less

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Playing Mom Makes Over Her Home with $100 or Less

When Erin, a blogger from Minnesota, told us that she could make over a room for $100 or less, we had to see it to believe it. And boy, did she come through.

A dining room upgrade for $23? No problem. A new-and-improved laundry room for $85? Done. How about an unrecognizable bathroom for under $33.50? We’re not lying.

Luckily for you, Erin shared all of her tips -- so you can upgrade your home on a budget, too!


Erin ditched her pine tabletop for cedar wood planks that she bought for $23. She then painted the legs of the table a rustic blue color. The best part? She did it with paint she already had! So, word to the wise, always check what you have before you buy!

Grand Total: $23


Rachael Ray Show


Rachael Ray Show


The master bathroom is one of Erin’s favorite room makeovers -- and we think it’s ours, too. The frugal blogger painted over her oak vanity with an 8-oz. jar of satin enamel paint for just over $5 -- and it covered the entire vanity with two coats! She finished it off with elegant knobs from a craft store, for just over $17. Pro tip from Erin: Craft stores often have coupons, so don’t forget to take advantage of them!

Check out the finished product below:

Rachael Ray Show

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She also bought deeply discounted pieces of leftover wood for her local hardware store, for 95 cents each, to create accent shelves in her master bathroom. She did away with shelf brackets and opted for corner braces instead to stay on budget, and she gave them a chic finishing touch with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

Grand Total: $33.50

Rachael Ray Show


Erin made the most changes in the laundry room -- and it was totally worth it. With cedar picket fence posts, wood dowels, and wood glue, she created a wood overlay that’s now resting on top of an existing (and less visually appealing) wire shelf. And instead of buying a brand-new dryer, she sprayed her old almond-colored one with appliance paint to have it match her shiny new white washing machine. Genius!

Grand Total: $85

Rachael Ray Show

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If you’re anything like Erin and her husband, you have a lot of scrap wood hanging around in your garage. If so, don’t let it go to waste! Erin loves a farmhouse rustic feel, so she built a DIY ladder and a planter as accent pieces in her home. The only purchase she had to make for the ladder was twine -- which was only $1.80. She did splurge by accessorizing with a Turkish towel and a charming wire basket -- but what’s a home makeover without one or two splurges?

Rachael Ray Show

As for the planter, the most expensive part of the project were the fake plants -- but the grand total still only came to $17.

Rachael Ray Show

Watch the video above for a peek into Erin’s home, and visit Erin’s blog, Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry for more DIY inspiration.

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