10-Year-Old Boy Helps Deliver His Baby Brother Safely At Home

by Cristina Corvino 3:51 PM, September 8, 2017

Aired September 11, 2017

Rach loves having everyday “heroes” on the show -- people of all ages who deserve to be shouted out in a big and special way.

Our show has been on TV longer than 10-year-old Jayden has been alive, but when we heard his story, there was no doubt in our minds that he is a hero with a capital “H.”

When Jayden’s brother, Daxx, decided to come into this world early, Jayden helped his mom deliver him safely at home. That’s right -- he delivered his own baby brother!

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Rach checked in with our hero Jayden, mom Ashly, dad Kelsey, little sister Remi, and newest addition Daxx via Skype on the show. And believe it or not, Jayden insisted that he actually had no trouble staying calm throughout the delivery.

“He kept me calm,” mom Ashly admitted. “I was freaking out.”

Wow, talk about a special delivery!

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