Family Gets an Emotional Surprise After Having Baby During Hurricane Harvey + Losing Their Home

by Cristina Corvino 12:59 PM, September 12, 2017

Aired September 13, 2017

The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey is beyond heartbreaking. The thought of losing your home in the storm is devastating enough, but imagine being pregnant and giving birth amid the chaos -- only to return home to destruction.

That’s exactly what happened to the Weeks family.

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Parents, Danielle and William, and sisters Annabella, 5, and Alizabeth, 19 months, welcomed new baby Loralynn safely at the hospital during Hurricane Harvey -- but when the entire family returned home, their house was gone.

When our friend Jesse Palmer brought us this story from his brand-new show with the Daily Mail, DailyMailTV -- premiering on Monday, September 18 -- we had to reach out to the family to see how they’re doing.

“We’re taking it day by day,” mom Danielle told Rach and Jesse via FaceTime. “We’re hanging in there. We have a lot of support. We’ve gotten a lot of donations. FEMA has been a big help with us.”

“It’s still hard,” dad William continued, as he became emotional.

But through it all, the family of five is staying positive and is simply happy to be safe -- and together.

To show them support during this trying time, BMF Media Group gave the family $10,000 -- and Danielle and William were overcome with gratitude. Little Annabella even started adorably jumping up and down on the bed!

Stay strong, Weeks family!

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with everyone affected by the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.


Sending our love to Texas ❤️

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