We Gave This Rocker a MAJOR Makeover — Weeks Before His Wedding!

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Playing Meet the Rocker We Gave a MAJOR Makeover — Weeks Before His Wedding!

Here comes the groom!

New Jersey resident Dan Gallagher has LONG rocked some long, voluminous hair — since at least the '70s!

But it wasn't just because the professional guitarist loves his rock 'n' roll.

"I just never liked the shape of my head," Dan tells Rach, "and I never had a short haircut I liked."

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Understandable! But with his wedding just weeks, away, his fiancee, Maria, thought it was time for a change — and for much more than just their wedding photos.

"He has such a big heart and he does so much for everybody around him," Maria tells Rach. "I love him so much that I just want him to have something for him."

Well, we couldn't resist an ask like that! We called in stylist Kyan Douglas to give our man, Dan, the ultimate wedding makeover — and BOY, did he deliver!

Watch the video to see Dan's truly stunning transformation — tuxedo and all!

And make sure to watch to the end! Rach gives the couple a HUGE gift — and Maria's reaction is priceless.

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