"Royal Pains" Star's Dad Hilariously Pains Rach With Family Spaghetti Recipe

by Rose Marie Walano 3:00 AM, June 1, 2018

Aired June 1, 2018

Spaghetti — with cream cheese?

If you're slightly horrified — well, you're not the only one!

Rachael was PRETTY nervous watching former "Royal Pains" lead Mark Feuerstein's dad, Harvey, walk into our kitchen — with a bag of his own ingredients! — to make his mom's "Jewish spaghetti."

"It's frightening me that I can see butter, cream cheese and American slices!" Rach confesses.

But Mark explains, "You take the ingredients from a bagel and put them in pasta!"

That, at least, got Rach laughing!

Until, of course, Harvey whipped out the pasta — and started cracking it in half!

Rach couldn't help but scream, "I can't look!" (Just look at her face in the pic!)

Watch their whole hilarious exchange — and the final result — in the video above.

And if that's not enough family time for you, make sure to tune into Mark's new show, "9JKL" — inspired by the years the actor spent living in the NYC apartment next door to his mom and dad! He dishes all about it in the video below:


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