How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Chef

by Cristina Corvino 11:11 AM, October 12, 2017

Aired October 13, 2017

If anyone knows how to organize a kitchen, it’s a professional chef like Jeff Mauro!

The Food Network star invited us into his new Chicago home, and he gave us a tour of his kitchen and pantry (our favorite parts of any home, of course).

"That’s really what sold us on this house," Jeff says of his spacious and bright kitchen.

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And just for you, we took note of the organizing tips and tricks the "Sandwich King" showed us.

TIP NO. 1: Install a Pull-Out Trash Can Under Your Counter

Jeff’s dog, Jojo, may not like this tip since it means less scraps laying around on the floor -- but personally, we’re all for less mess!

"Instead of having to scoop up stuff and bring it to the sink or garbage," Jeff explains, "scrape it right in there."

So simple, yet SO smart!

TIP NO. 2: Keep Your Spices in a Drawer with the Labels Facing Up

We all know the frustrating feeling of not being able to find exactly what we’re looking for quickly while cooking -- so we’re super into this alternative to a spice cabinet!

"You could see every label without having to look behind other bottles," Jeff says.

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TIP NO. 3: Organize Your Knife Drawer with Cork Dividers

Jeff stows his kitchen knives away using a cork storage system to protect them. And this way, much like with his spices, he always knows what he’s working with!

If you want to copy Jeff (we won’t tell), we found an organizer that looks a lot like his right here!

Watch the video above to find out what Jeff keeps in his fridge and pantry!