Cancer Survivor Whose Life Rach Touched 4 Years Ago Has TWO Major Updates

by Cristina Corvino 2:36 PM, October 25, 2017

Aired December 26, 2017

Four years ago on our show, Rach surprised Tracie -- a cancer survivor and bride-to-be at the time -- with the wedding dress of her dreams.

Fast forward four years and Tracie and her husband Ryan had TWO big updates for Rach.

Not only has Tracie been cancer-free for four and a half years (YES!), but she and Ryan have also since welcomed a little girl named Mia into the world!

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In honor of our 2,000th show, the happy couple sent in a video message for Rach and surprised her with a visit (with Mia!) -- along with other viewers whose lives Rach has touched in some way over the years.

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us," Tracie says on behalf of the whole group. "It was a very hard time in all of our lives."

"We’re so happy [Mia] gets to meet you," she continues.

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"This is why I love coming to work," Rach responds. "Because it’s like being a part of one giant family."

2,000 shows in, and we’re still creating special moments like these. Amazing!

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