Inside Our Medieval Halloween Bash: See Rach, John + Isaboo's Family Costume and Our Epic Set!

by Cristina Corvino 11:24 AM, October 30, 2017

Aired October 31, 2017

As is the case every single year, we couldn’t let Halloween go by without completely transforming our set -- and dressing up, of course!

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This year, our amazing crew converted our set into a Medieval Kingdom (called “Isaboo Empire,” of course!). And Rach, John and Isaboo certainly dressed the part, entering our haunted forest via a drawbridge as queen, king and a medieval unicorn.

As you can tell by her not rocking the horn, though, Isaboo didn’t love her costume -- but she was a good sport anyhow!

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The regal family was appropriately surrounded by trumpeters, gargoyles, knights, bats and a MASSIVE smoke-breathing dragon. There was even a crest on Rach’s new fridge!

Take a tour of our epic set below:

Plus, watch the video above to see which studio audience members won our costume contest!

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(Spoiler: Peek at the finalists below!)